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New zombie book for kids enters the field

While not the most popular section of zombie fiction, titles aimed at children are an actual thing; the latest of these being The Little Zombie That Stood by author/illustrator Floyd Orfield.

A Books Mind The Little Zombie That StoodThe Little Zombie That Stood is a loveable undead character that teaches young minds the importance of doing what is right, even if others are not. Adults love the hilariousness of the illustrations while children learn from the positive message.

“I wanted to make a zombie children’s book that not only had a positive message for kids but was entertaining to the person buying the book,” said  Orfield.

The color psychology along with the happy ending teaches children that doing the right thing is not only rewarding but leads to happiness. With the books early success, A Book’s Mind and Floyd Orfield plan to expand the The Little Zombie That Stood series with new stories and activity books. Order The Little Zombie That Stood from February 19th to the 25th for your chance at winning a $100 Visa Gift Card and autographed copies of the book, visit www.abooksmind.com/zombie for more details.

The Little Zombie That Stood is now available in print and e-book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other major retailers.

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