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Unit9 releases live-action zombie game ‘Five Minutes’

FIVE MINUTES is a live-action game created for zombie-lovers, gamers and other tough-as-nails audiences.

Featuring G-SHOCK watches, FIVE MINUTES is the ultimate zombie countdown. Players have to stop the main character from turning into a zombie by keeping him focused on his memories, which raises the stakes of the game, involving the user directly into the story.

UNIT9 - Five MinutesUNIT9 - Five Minutes

Written and directed by Maximilian Niemann and produced by Felix Faißt with a student team at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, FIVE MINUTES is a soon-to-be cult live action experience that blurs the line between a zombie game and a branded interactive film.

FIVE MINUTES is an HTML5 experience and can be played on all desktop and tablet devices.

UNIT9 - Five Minutes

Five Minutes has been published under the UNIT9 PRESENTS label.

“For 15 years we have worked from the ground up to bring emotions and craft to brand messages on new platforms. Our industry is too stale and safe – we’re seeing too many gimmicks being produced. ’UNIT9 presents’ is a platform for independent and new talent, created to stimulate the advertising industry to embrace gameplay and storytelling together,” said Piero Frescobaldi, Chairman and Co-Founder of UNIT9.

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