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Zombies steal moonshine in new game

Top Cool Fun Games, LLC has announced the release of their fourth game title – Zombies Stole My Moonshine, available now on Android and coming soon to iOS devices. Zombies Stole My Moonshine is a take on old school lane changer style games where your Axe carrying friend Redneck Ralph defends 4 lanes of moonshine from an onslaught of ravenous rampaging of Zombies. This is a super fun game that will appeal to both fans of both old and new style lane changer arcade type games. The player must protect each lane by throwing the axe to push back and kill zombies to survive and keep them from stealing the moonshine.


Challenge your friends to see who can survive the zombie moonshine apocalypse. Hours of fun for everyone.

Zombies Stole My Moonshine Features:
* 4 fast paced lanes full of moonshine to protect
* Crazy Axe throwing mania
* 4 Zombies of the Apocalypse (Standard Zombie, Armored Zombie, Zombie Bomber Girl, and Crawler Zombie)
* Fun Hillbilly soundtrack

Device Requirements:
* Optimized for both Android and iOS devices
* Designed for both phone and tablet
* 11 MB

Pricing and Availability:
Zombies Stole My Moonshine 1.0 is available free worldwide through Google Play, Amazon App store and coming soon to the iTunes App store in the Games category.

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