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Grand Theft Zombie?

By Chase Burgess

If you haven’t heard by now, rumors are flying around the internet about the possibility of zombie DLC coming to Grand Theft Auto V. These rumors began as a result of someone searching through the games’ code and finding the letters “ZMB.” Not a lot to go on sure. However, GTA developer Rockstar has yet to deny this rumor.

For those of you that played GTA 5, you will recall how large the map was, now imagine that filled with zombies. When you combine the awesomeness that is Grand Theft Auto, and the awesomeness that is killing zombies and put it all on consoles like the PS4 and Xbox One, you’ve created a game that will make you disappear from society for hours and not regret one second of it.

piccit_gta_5_undead_nightmare_1867142415Previous GTA’s have been filled with user created mods that turned citizens of Liberty City and San Andreas into zombies. For those of you that played Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, you may recall the Zombie Research building found in San Fierro. Although no missions took place inside or even involving this building, it was still a cool little Easter egg. However, Rockstar has never released any DLC dedicated to zombies for Grand Theft Auto. Don’t let the lack direct experience fool you, this definitely would not be Rockstar’s first foray into the world of the undead.

Fans of Red Dead Redemption will recall the amazing DLC released called “Undead Nightmare”, where you play as protagonist John Marston as he tries to rid the countryside of the ghouls that have mysteriously sprung up.

Undead Nightmare brought all the elements of the game that we loved and added zombies. Most of the game had you going from town to town helping townspeople fight off hoards of zombies. The DLC also added a weapon called the blunderbuss which used zombie parts as ammunition.

This piece of downloadable content had a couple of unique aspects. One aspect that set this DLC apart from others is its place in the timeline of the game. While most DLC takes place after the original story ends, Undead Nightmare takes place in the middle of the story. Once you complete the DLC, you are allowed to play as a zombified John Marston while riding a zombified horse. What’s not to love about that? Another interesting aspect is the fact that in this zombie-themed game, there actually is a cure to what has caused the plague. Zombie gun-slingers riding zombie horses?

Having played Undead Nightmare, I can’t wait to see what Rockstar does with this DLC if the rumors are true. One thing Rockstar definitely excels at in their DLC is the voice work. With Trevor being Trevor on a normal day, you can only imagine what he’ll be like living in a zombie apocalypse.

It will also be interesting to see how Rockstar handles the online portion of this DLC. I’m hoping for some new game types, and I’m very excited about the idea of myself and friends driving through the streets of Los Santos mowing down scores of zombies.

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