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Author CJ Sosa examines thoughts of undead

“Hollywood has made zombies into scary, shuffling, eating machines. But what if the zombie brain was still able to think, to feel? What does a zombie think about?” These questions were asked by author CJ Sosa when she wrote her new poetry collection, “I Feel Like A Zombie, But Wish I Was Dead” (published by Xlibris).

With the popularity of zombies in television, movies and literature, Sosa sought out to examine the minds of these flesh-eating monsters. Her poetry shows zombies who are sentient and contemplating their existence even in their state of life after death.

“Not all zombies are scary, shuffling, dead heads,” Sosa said. “Maybe some of them can be really sensitive.”


An excerpt from the poem “For the Love of Death”:

“I was home, all alone, in my dark and dreary world
When Death came to me and whispered in my ear:
“Soon my lovely Princess, you will be my girl
And never will you shed another tear.”

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