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Firearm review: Colt Rail Gun

By Blaise Uriarte

The Basics

As long as the gun has been around, 1911 pistols have been produced by colt. Since the model 1911 was officially adopted it has gained a reputation as an extremely effective combat implement. This model is one of Colt’s newest renditions of this famous gun.

It features Novak style 3 dot sights, a forward 1913 picatinny rail (hence the name Rail Gun) skeletonized hammer and trigger, upturned beavertail safety and national match barrel. This particular model is of all stainless steel construction. As an added bonus, this has some embellished after-market grips installed.

The Ammo

This is another example of .45ACP handgun. Typical loads feature a 230 grain bullet travelling around 850 feet-per-second. This does what it is designed to do, which is stopping a threat. Whether it is a human threat, or undead this round will knock them down, which is why I prefer it. This is also a very common round to find, and it is not prohibitively expensive to shoot.

This is not at all ideal for ranges much greater than 50 yards, because the trajectory is too parabolic. This tool should be used as a side arm for close ranges. Tactically, the pistol should be a secondary weapon to a long gun.

Our test included 150 rounds of American eagle ammunition, and 50 rounds CCI Blazer brass. Both loads were 230 grain FMJs.

The Range Test


Throughout the course of about 200 rounds down range, there were no malfunctions. The trigger broke cleanly every time, and the action and controls were smooth. The white dot sights gave a good clear picture, and it was a reasonably accurate gun.

The beaver tail fills the hand well, and the gritty texture on the grips makes for a very secure hold. All and all, I really liked shooting this gun.


This gun performed respectably at fifteen yards. This is a decent group for that range. All fourteen shots are easily a headshot. I found that this particular gun shot groups slightly to the left. I personally strive for a greater level of accuracy. Part of this could easily be the slight learning curve involved with shooting a gun with different dimensions than one is used too. Of course the groups tightened up substantially within ten yards.

The Pluses

I am a huge fan of this platform, and I am thrilled with this offering from Colt. It is a high quality, rugged reliable pistol. The pistol shoots well, and is comfortable in the hand.

The stainless steel will hold up very well to the elements. The rail offers you flexibility with how you configure the pistol and performance is acceptable.

The Minuses

This handgun is a 1911, and as such the issues with the platform apply. Weight and round capacity are both issues of the 1911 in general. As I have stated before, I consider 8 rounds satisfactory in a handgun, and the weight helps keep recoil manageable. However, others may see these issues in a different light. There are other pistols on the market offering lighter weight, and higher capacity.

This pistol in particular lacks night sights, and is not as accurate as the Kimber handguns I have fired. It would also be nice to have some front strap checkering, or finger grooves to improve the grip.


Overall this handgun would make a fine sidearm. I would highly recommend it. However, a good handgun is no replacement for the accuracy and power of a long arm. One must also remember that practice and training is key, no matter what weapon you choose. As always stay vigilant and be prepared.

Special Thanks

I would like to extend my gratitude to my good friend Josh who allowed the use of his personal pistol for this article.

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