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Motus Digital sent Real-Time Animated Zombie to SXSW in search of “The Next Big Thing”

Commissioned by Motus Digital to attend South by Southwest, Larry the Zombie, a real-time animated character, ventured out to explore every facet of what makes SXSW “The Geek’s Spring Break.”

Larry the Zombie made his debut at the popular South by Southwest event here in Austin, Texas. While there, he spoke with show goers, interviewed panelists, and did whatever it took to find “The Next Big Thing.”

In addition, he conducted his interviews on the streets of Austin and the Interactive Trade Show posting his findings in the form of a video blog throughout the week. His findings will be available on the company’s official YouTube channel.

Larry will be reporting on –

  • The Future of Gaming
  • Real-Time Marketing
  • Mobile Technology
  • Social Video
  • Music: Electronic, Rock, Pop, Blues, Heavy Metal and Folk.
  • Film: Horror, Comedy, Action, and Shorts.
  • Robotic Cleaning Services and Drone Delivered Take-out food.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Cyber Security


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