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“Zombie Wars – Empires of the Undead” comes to App Stores March 14th


Nurogames, the publisher of app-hits like “Bibi’s Stardust Chase“ and “Fast Fin” has announced that “Zombie Wars – Empires of the Undead” will be available as of March 14th.


The game takes place in the Year 2030. A deadly virus has spread across the world and humans turn into zombies. The player takes on a role of a

man who mutates during the game into a flesh-eating monster. As a mutant, whose brain has remained spared from the virus the player organizes an army of mutant zombies.

Players can challenge other zombies online and compete in gang-fights in order to increase the chance of victory against enemy mutants.

The game has been optimized for high-resolution Retina- and HD display and can be downloaded for free from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. To ensure more and more fun, free updates with new features are coming on a regular basis.


• FREE to play

• Multiplayer ONLINE Role Playing Game

• Creepy zombie world with a thrilling story

• Retina & HD-Display optimization

• Over 90 unique tasks and dozens of items you can use

• Fast and easy game introduction

• Alliance and challenge system allowing you to add your friends and compete against them

• Weekly prizes for the top 10 players of the leader boards

• Port your score using Game Center, so you can switch effortlessly between your iOS-devices

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