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The Tapping Dead 2 Kickstarter Campaign now under way

Are you a fan of 16 Bits Games? Do you like the 90’s arcade music? When you hear the term “Zombie Game” can you imagine a completely different game from the genre standard?

This is what The Tapping Dead 2 is all about. A platform game for iOS & Android that renovates the zombie genre honoring the difficulty, art and music of the 90’s games.

The first game had a lot of press and has been successful all around, it got featured twice on Google Play Homepage under “Games to Watch” and “Retro Games” category, at this point the game has been downloaded more than 320,000 times. Developed by Crazy Cricket Studios, located in San Antonio, Texas which is a 2-man team (Cesar Briones and Rodolfo Ruiz) that is working from a nice Rustic Office in the North of the City.


A little background on this upcoming Sequel:

“The Tapping Dead 2 is a one-touch mobile action platformer. It follows the actions that took place in the original game where Alice, Bill, Andre, Mark and Darren tried to survive a zombie apocalypse by tapping the hell out of the city.

In The Tapping Dead 2 we will be introducing additional mechanics to the core One-Touch mechanic, an story that will develop in-game (real-time) and the level editor.”

As indie developers with a short budget we are reaching the kickstarter community to help us bring this sequel to life, we learned a lot from the first game and are trying to make a real impact and bring an entire new experience and social tools into the sequel so anyone can experience a greater sequel.

The kickstarter campaign link:


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