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Review: The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode One “All That Remains”

The Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode One “All That Remains” can be summed up in one sentence: Our little Clementine has grown up.

In publisher Telltale Games’ follow up to their extremely successful The Walking Dead: Season One (winner of numerous game of the year awards) you take over the role of young Clementine, who is once again voiced by Melissa Hutchinson. Clementine is no longer the scared helpless girl that we saw in the first season. Almost two years have passed since the events of the first season, and Clementine has learned the harshness of this new world. With the people she survived the early days of the emergency with now dead or missing, Clementine stumbles upon a new group of survivors. Clementine’s new housemates are your typical group of zombie apocalypse survivors; you have your father figure, your young nice guy, your doctor, your caring older guy, your hot headed young guy, your child, and your sassy woman who doesn’t trust anyone.

The-Walking-Dead-Game-Season-2-game-474x474_cClementine’s new attitude leads to some interesting interactions with other survivors. Instead of the typical sweet and innocent little girl, Clementine’s remarks are darker than what you would expect. Clementine’s new mentality really hits home when you come across a group of people who had just been killed by other survivors. In the group of bodies you find one person alive, and how you react to this dying man will show just how fare you’re willing let Clementine’s loss of innocence go.

For those of you that played through season one, your major decisions carry over to season two. For those of you that never played the first season, worry not. If no save file form season one can be found, the previous games’ major decisions are randomized for your play-through in season two. How those decisions carry over into this season are yet to be seen, but from the preview of episode two I’m sure we’ll see those decisions’ consequences very quickly.

As with the first season, the emotional pull of your actions comes not in whether you made the good choice or evil choice, it comes from which option makes you feel less bad about yourself. Although those heavy choices aren’t as numerous in episode one as they were in any one of the previous episodes, don’t let that lead you to believe that the situations aren’t any less intense.

There’s one scene where you need to find the proper equipment to sew up a wound. I had to look away from the image multiple times during the ordeal as the sound of Clementine crying out in anguish and the sound of needle-stabbing-through-skin became a little much. Seeing this young girl go through all of this and still come out victorious makes you remember why you loved her so much in the first season. If Lee was still around, he would be proud of how much Clementine has grown up.

The time you have to react to people or your surroundings is shorter this time around, so it’s good to always stay vigilant during the game. The graphics are more polished compared to season one, but the difference won’t blow you away. As with season one, at the end of each episode you are treated to the statistics of how other players reacted to different decisions.


The game is amazing, but not perfect. The exploration from the first season isn’t in season two. I definitely felt a little cheated when I got to an area and only found two or three items to interact with. Since there wasn’t as much to discover, the puzzle element of the game took a serious hit to its degree of difficulty.

Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode One “All That Remains” is available for download for Microsoft Windows, OS X, PS3, Xbox360, iOS, Playstation Vita and the Ouya. For $25, you receive all five episodes of season two. Although only episode one is currently available, episode two “A House Divided” is currently set to release Q1 2014. You would be hard-pressed to find a better use for $25 when it comes to video games.

Telltale Games’ Walking Dead: Season Two, Episode One “All That Remains” is a must buy, especially for any zombie enthusiast or Walking Dead fan. Episode One gets a 5/5.

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