Equipping for disaster

Are your pets prepared for the apocalypse?

Many people preparing for the zombie apocalypse have their plans fine tuned to the minutest details. But anyone with a pet should be sure to include them in their plans for any disaster. The folks over at Petco have put together the following checklist:

  1. The basics. Store things such as water, food (human food AND pet food), a flashlight and extra batteries, portable food and water bowls, pet medications, etc. in a Bison Pet Scamper Dog Pack so Fido can get out the door quickly with his survival kit in the event of an attack.
  2. Travel safe. For those frantically attempting to escape the zombie attacks via a vehicle, be sure to strap pets in safely to avoid injuries! Doggy seatbelts, car harnesses, crates, etc. are necessary to keep pets secure and harm-free during a bumpy ride.
  3. Stay physically fit and mentally alert. Only the strong and the smart will survive, so be sure to keep pets in top physical condition by exercising with them regularly and giving them food puzzles to keep them mentally sharp.
  4. Keep calm. Zombies can startle pets and instinct may tell them to run for their lives, but it’s important for pets and pet parents to stick together! When battling the zombies, keep a heavy-duty and reliable leash on hand.

While hiding out at home, use the time to enter the Petco “Make a Scene” Photo Contest. Simply take a photo of a pet dressed in costume with a festive background, whether it’s Fido fleeing from zombies or a kitty fireman coming to the rescue, and enter at facebook.com/petco from now until Oct. 27for a shot at the $25,000 grand prize.

When pets are ready to see the light of day, scare up a little fun and join Petco on Saturday, Oct. 26, at 2 p.m. for the Most Bootiful of All Pet Costume Party. Plus, anyone who brings in a costumed pet will receive a free Old Mother Hubbard treat.

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