Equipping for disaster

M48 Ranger Hawk Anti-Zombie Weapon


A good anti-zombie melee weapon can be hard to find these days with so many cheap knock-offs flooding the market, but if you look in the right places you just might find what you’re really looking for.

TheM48 Ranger Hawk Tomahawk is one hell of a blade. We put this intimidating piece of hardware to the test by hacking, slashing, and crushing our way through pallets, 2x4s, coconuts, and more. Surprisingly lightweight at just 1.9 lbs (without the included sheath), we found it easy to place swing after swing into our targets without exhausting ourselves.

One of the things we like best about the M48 is that it can be used comfortably as either a one-handed or two handed-weapon, regardless of which hand you may or may not favor.

The axe head, constructed of precision cast 7Cr17 stainless steel, shipped extremely sharp and held an edge like a pro…

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