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Cliffhanger Innovations offers a fun way to get families prepared for disaster

Cliffhanger Innovations announced that they are putting on an event to help communities prepare for emergencies in a fun environment this October in northern Maryland.

It’s called Disaster Preparedness Boot Camp, but don’t expect a bunch of yelling drill instructors. The goal of the weekend long event is to provide a fun hands-on environment where people of all ages can learn about a number of skills that might help in an emergency, everything from archery to first aid to water purification.

“Our goal is to reduce some of the fears associated with living in the modern world,” said event organizer, Moe Izadpanah.

There will be a wide variety of workshops and activity stations for attendees to choose from all weekend, so don’t plan to see everything with just a day pass. In addition to teaching survival skills, the organizers seek to nurture communities with a focus on preparedness and sustainability. The weekend includes workshops on selecting alternative energy sources appropriate for different living situations as well as lessons on farming and raising animals in both urban and rural settings.

“Our event will provide participants with practical skills training that will empower them,” said Carl Baaske, Director of Operations at Disaster Boot Camp.

The event will take place October 4th through 6th at Camp Ramblewood in Darlington, MD, which has hosted a wide variety of events over the years such as the Zombie Race, a 5K obstacle course where zombies chase the racers.

For more information on the event, check out http://www.disasterbootcamp.com or email the organizers at info@disasterbootcamp.com.

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