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“ZombieBooth 2”, sequel to Zombie Transform App available in App Store


Images created with Zombie Booth 2 are animated, giving an appearance of life to the undead photos.

TYFFON Inc. announced on July 3 that it will release “ZombieBooth 2”, as the sequel to “ZombieBooth,” which has been downloaded 15 million times, in the Apple App Store (URL: http://appstore.com/zombiebooth2/).

“ZombieBooth 2” is an iPhone application that turns your face into a 3D animated zombie. In collaboration with the special make-up artist JIRO, this new title offers you zombie make-up that is like what Hollywood professionals use. You can create a unique zombie by combining realistic zombie parts with hundreds of thousands of combinations.

The latest facial animation technology makes zombies behave in amazingly realistic ways. Not only will the zombie breathe or growl but also react if you touch the screen. When you drag on the screen, the zombie will follow your finger with his eyes and he will gnaw it when you touch around his mouth, while he will bend backwards when you tap his head. It provides you a truly interactive experience.

Moreover, you can share the zombified images via Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LINE, or post the animated videos on YouTube and Facebook. If your friend shares zombie pictures on Facebook, you can view them within the app.

WARNING: Parental guidance is advised. “ZombieBooth 2” contains horror content that many will not find suitable for young children.

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