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Laura Bretz Leads All Woman Author Zombie Anthology “Darlings of Decay”

darlings-of-decayLaura Bretz of York, PA and 29 other women around the world have put together a massive collection of zombie stories, totaling nearly 1000 pages. The tome is a who’s who of female horror authors, and is available via all major e-book retailers.

Historically a male dominated genre, these women have proven that not only can they write a chilling tale of the undead hordes, but there are also significant numbers of female readers. Bretz reports that over 54 percent of the people who follow the Facebook page for her best-seller What Zombies Fear are female. One of her fans writes, “Zombie stories are really about the people who survive them. Women are just as capable of survival as men.”

With the box-office success of the World War Z film, and continued ratings success of zombie related television programs, it would appear that the genre is here to stay. There are as many types of zombies as there are authors, from slow, uncoordinated zombies pioneered by George A. Romero to the newer, faster, smarter zombies of modern horror.

Laura Bretz has been immersing herself in fantasy lands, apocalyptic settings and all things impossible since she was a child. Pretending to survive in a post-apocalypse world set fire to her imagination and teaming up with Kirk Allmond to co-author the “What Zombies Fear” series finally gave her an outlet to express and bring her characters to life.

Graduating from college with a focus in interior design has given her an excellent eye for detail. Combined with her love of painting, that attention to detail allows Laura to create vivid pictures with words.

When she is not obsessing over tenses and punctuation, Laura is usually spending time with her dogs Marty and Teddy, painting, or singing with her local Sweet Adeline’s International chorus in south-central Pennsylvania.

Laura’s first solo novel project, “The Book of Kris” (www.thebookofkris.com) is coming along well. She also has a high fantasy project in the planning stages, and continues to co-author books in the What Zombies Fear (www.WhatZombiesFear.com) universe with Kirk Allmond. If you’d like to find out more about Laura and the status of her various projects, please join her on her Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/LauraBretzAuthor.

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