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Game uses zombies to sharpen math skills

Math vs. Zombies: Math Workout is a new game by Peaksel Company and it can be downloaded for free on the Google Play market and other marketplaces. It combines fun and education in one interesting game for both kids and adults.

This is a classic math drilling game, but what makes it different from other similar games is the fact that with every correct calculation, there is one zombie less on the way. Once the game starts, the player should do the math tasks quickly and destroy zombies with rulers, dividers, pointed pens and sharp triangles. There are 30 different levels of this game, each of which combines the four basic mathematical operations – addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It can also be adjusted for toddlers and smaller kids by simply leaving only addition math operation on, while all these other complicated ones can be excluded from the gameplay when needed.

“From our personal experience, we can tell that math can cause a lot of problems to both kids and parents, so we have realized that what kids need in order not to die of boredom when dealing with math problems is just a little bit of fun. And the best possible combination that we’ve come up with is this game where everybody needs to use his or her math skills and show quick reflexes in order to stop the zombie invasion”, said Aleksandra, a product manager in the company.

As this game is perfect for children who should employ their brains the most they can in combination with fun, of course, the recent research have shown that adults also need to train their brains from time to time as brain is just another muscle in our body and should be maintained properly.

App can be downloaded here:

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