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Zombie Blast Energy Shot launches Indiegogo campaign

Zombie Blast Energy Shots has created a prototype “bandolier” style retail display rack, and is seeking investment from donor’s world wide via this online program. The Maine group has kicked off a crowd sourcing fund raising campaign with Indiegogo.com.

“It would give us a big boost. says Reggie Groff, creator and one of the partners in Zombie Blast.  ”Our partners have a lot personally invested, but we thought we’d try this resource to help fund this project. We have some really fun perks for those who can donate,and everything helps.”

The presentation is online at: http://igg.me/at/zombieblastdisplayrack/x/3629338

Independent entrepreneurs use Indiegogo to help raise money for a specific product, program, or cause. Each group uploads information into a format that is then presented to an international audience.

“Our goal is to raise $10,000 to make a plastics mold that will make a special display rack for our product.  It will also cover making the first 1500 units.” says Tom Talbott, partner.  “We made a short video to explain why it’s so important to have this display, as well as a written explanation with pictures.  For us, putting our bottles into a small cardboard box on the retail counter is not a good position. The box gets pushed around, and when it’s half empty, the retailer takes our bottles out, puts them in a competitors rack, and throws our box out.  Then we don’t get reordered because the bar code on the box is gone. We needed a solution, so we worked with a plastics engineer to develop a very cool, and versatile rack.  The prototype works great, so we hope to make them in mass, and get them out in the market as soon as possible.”

Zombie Blast Energy Shots are 2oz, premium quality energy shots, sold in a red and brass colored shotgun shell.  “Packaging is king in retail.” says Talbott.  “Our bottle looks great, the drink works, and it sells. But if we’re out of sight, we’re out of mind. Hence the need for a better display.”

Groff points out that the bottles are unique in that they are meant to be reused, not thrown away. “We made a wide mouth top and a re-sealable cap.  You can drop $10 in quarters in there, keep your matches dry while camping, protect your thumb drive when transporting, knick knacks, anything small you want to protect.  We just don’t want to see our bottle contributing to a landfill. Think green!”

Zombie Blast is currently distributed by Pine State Trading Company, Augusta, ME, and Capital Candy, Barre, VT.

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