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‘Save The Earth’ From Hordes Of Zombie Alien Monsters In Retro-Inspired Google Play Shooter

Independent games developer ‘Gloobus Studio’ is proud to announce the worldwide release of ‘Save The Earth’ on the Google Play™ app store. Available as a free download featuring in-app upgrades, this awesome retro-inspired 2D side-scrolling shooter has you battling to save mother earth from Zombie infested alien monsters!

Blood-thirsty aliens are travelling from planet to planet sucking the life out of them! The population is vast, and earth is their next destination. Your mission, as the young and brave hero you are, is to nuke the alien creeps with an arsenal of weapons and really cool superpowers!

‘Save The Earth’ features 4 unique parts of the world (city, desert, glaciers and space) in which you are challenged to combat the monsters in this endless Armageddon. With no less than 30 incredibly powerful, not to mention funny and highly creative, weapons and tools at your disposal, you task is to take control of the situation. Use super beams, missiles, lightning bolts, teleportation devices, wormholes, rockets and much more on your mission to defeat the alien infestation! You can even combine 5 of your favorite add-ons for some awe-striking combos!

Having already received critical acclaim from media and fans across the world, take the battle to new levels and climb the games leaderboards. Show your friends who is the fiercest and bravest alien zombie killer! Combining hours of fun, addictive gameplay, huge numbers of weapons and items, fearsome boss fights and stunningly beautiful 2D side-scrolling mayhem, ‘Save The Earth’ is unquestionably the ultimate shooting game for fans of the genre!

‘Save The Earth’ can be downloaded on the Google Play™ app store from here:


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