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Zomblicity prepares for jump from comic to animated series

With the dominance of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead, it’s easy to forget tpage5aahat there are other zombie comics out there.

On the web since 2010, Zomblicity is one such title, telling the story of a character called Curtis who wakes up one day and realizes it’s the end of the world.

Creator Robin Sandiford said the idea for story came during a bit of downtime stuck in a tram station wondering what it would be like if a zombie outbreak suddenly occurred during the busy daily commute.

“I then started musing about how I would survive and started thinking about other possibilities,” he said. “For example: If I’d overslept that morning, would it have secured my survival? I would’ve probably missed the outbreak and it might have even bought me more survival time.”

As the idea began to take shape, it wasn’t a comic that Sandiford had in mind, however. Initially, he’d been thinking about the idea as a film project, but commitments to other film work made that impossible.

Unable to go the film route, Sandiford approached artist Farcreazy Fahad about helping to turn the idea into a webcomic.

“Fahad was integral when developing Zomblicity, he has the visionary imagery to take a project forward. Right from the word ‘go’, we felt the designs were fitting to my story and everything just seemed to click into place,” Sandiford said. “I had the pieces of the story, but no one to illustrate it and that’s where Fahad came in. He has a great eye for detail and when putting together each story.”

The story of Zomblicity takes the reader through some twists and turns as Curtis and his girlfriend try to survive the nightmare of the zombie apocalypse. The story’s intricacy is taken up a notch by the fact that the comic also explores a parallel alternative timeline, allowing fans see the lead protagonist through two different perspectives.

“It has two timelines, where Curtis is bitten by a zombie and becomes a half breed, and second timeline is where he wakes up late and avoids being bitten by a zombie,” Fahad said. “So two timelines really give zombli a great deal of versatility, as both timelines offer something different and exciting.”

Keeping two story lines going requires a collaborative effort, but Sandiford said he and Fahad have developed a system that works for them.

“I mainly lay out a platform for the series and Fahad goes away and builds a storyboard based on each individual synopsis,” Sandiford explained. “We sit down and go through dialogue together, to make sure the expressions go together. It works really well!”

While Fahad remains the lead illustrator, the project has also seen input from talent such as Zombie Rust, Tim Engstrom, Libby Vickers, Duncan Craig of Zombie Media.co.uk, Piers Hazell and Ric Lumb from Putty Cad.

“Having more talent on board really gives zombli a new dimension and a promising future,” Fahad said.

Sandiford recently announced that Zomblicity’s future is ready to branch out and expand beyond the still images of a comic.

“Animation is next in line for zombli,” Fahad said. “I have been working on the storyboards for the first episode and I can tell you that its looking great! I just can’t wait to see the finished product.”

Sandiford said the animated series will feature new characters as well as younger versions of those familiar to fans of the comic. While the series will feature carry-over characters, those familiar with the comic will still be in for some surprises, he said.

“The story will be linear with just one timeline but not running parallel in any way to the comic,” Sandiford said. “There may be a defining factor within the animated series that links the two together, but we can’t say what that ‘thing’ is yet.”

The animated series is getting a helping hand from veteran animator/director Bill Greenhead, creator of The Blue Funties series.

“We’re so grateful to have Bill believe in our story and he will do a smashing job helping to bring it to life,” Sandiford said.

“The future for zombli is very bright and I can say this with confidence because its a great project and we the team of zombli know that its only matter of time when zombli will finally explode on an international level big time!” Fahad said. “With new characters and villains in the pipeline, zombli will only get bigger and better.”

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