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Zombie ebook to include art, photography and video

British author Samie Sands is currently working on her first ebook -- an ambitious project that will include photos, videos and artwork.

British author Samie Sands is currently working on her first ebook — an ambitious project that will include photos, videos and artwork.

It seems that everyone these days is writing a zombie novel. Well, not everyone, but with the advent of self published ebooks on Amazon, the market is certainly saturated these days. British writer Samie Sands is preparing to join the crowd with her first novel, but has a plan to make it unique.

First and foremost is the main character, Leah, who is just an ordinary girl-next-door with no special training or tools to survive the apocalypse.

“The idea originally came from my annoyance that most zombie books focus on main characters being male and with access to weapons,” she said. “How would a normal person cope?”

The novel, to be titled “Lockdown,” follows Leah as she first uncovers an online zombie hoax and then learns that the spread of the AM13 virus might actually be real.

“The government is convinced that the only was to stop it spreading and becoming an epidemic is to quarantine everyone inside their own homes while they ‘clear up’ the infected,” Sands explained. “Leah desperately attempts to stop this lock down quarantine from happening, until it turns out it might not be a joke after all. Then fighting for her life becomes more important!”
While the concept of a girl-next-door heroine might be different, Sands’ plans for the format of her book are even more unique. “Lockdown” will include not only text, but photos, illustrations and even video to drive the story along.

“I haven’t found any other similar ebooks that combine all these media elements,” Sands said.

In order to take the project from concept to reality, Sands is looking for help from the zombie fan community.

A Crowdfunder campaign is currently under way at http://crowdfunder.co.uk/lockdown and, in addition to seeking funding, is looking for talent to help with the production of the non-writing elements.

“I have worked in the media for a long time so have experience in design, photography and filming,” Sands explained. “The funding is to help create great videos and photographs. I also want to commission some artwork from some of the brilliant horror artists out there.”

While the project will be Sands first foray into writing, she doesn’t plan on it being her last. In fact, “Lockdown” is being conceived as an open-ended trilogy.

“I’m sure there’ll be even more than that!” she said.

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