Equipping for disaster

Crowbar VS. Bolt Cutters – What’s The Better Tool?


Crowbar Vs. Bolt CutterWhen it comes to surviving a major disaster like a Zombie outbreak, large scale earthquake or even financial collapse, the ability to access potentially life-saving supplies and locations can be difficult without basic tools like a crowbar or set of bolt cutters… but which of the two is best for real-world survival/preparedness uses and why?

Crowbar: Widely available, relatively inexpensive, and available in a variety of styles, weights, and sizes, crowbars are an easily acquired tool that can quickly get the job done when put into the right set of hands. With no moving parts these simple yet extremely sturdy tools have little chance of structural failure and require zero maintenance. From bashing in a Zombie skull to battening down the hatches, breaching a locked door, accessing storage units, shifting rubble, popping open a lock and more, the crowbar is a truly heavy hitter with a well-proven track record.


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