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Plants vs. Zombies Adventures Launches Worldwide on Facebook

Fans of the insanely popular Plants vs. Zombies game now have a new way to while away the time on Facebook with the launch of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures.

The game, released this week by PopCap Games, is the first social adaptation of the undead franchise and offers an ever-expanding world of new plants and zombies and takes players on a series of zombie-infested road trips with their friends.

During its closed beta period of the past two months, Plants vs. Zombies Adventures has been available to only a small number of consumers in select test markets around the world. Beginning today, all Facebook users can join the fun and experience this exciting new social twist on one of the most successful game franchises in history.

“We’re thrilled to bring new ‘Adventures’ to Plants vs. Zombies fans around the world, challenging them to use new strategies to defeat zombies as they come from all directions in a range of cool new settings,” said Curt Bererton, Executive Producer at PopCap. “We know gamers have been clamoring for new ways to play and compare their PvZ prowess with friends — and now they can do that for the first time!”

Plants vs. Zombies Adventures is a unique installment in the game franchise, not to be confused with Plants vs. Zombies 2, the official sequel to the original Plants vs. Zombies, coming this summer.

Unique Features of Plants vs. Zombies Adventures:

New Combat Mechanics path-based ‘flower’ defense action:

  • The zombies are coming… from all directions
  • Multiple ways to battle in town and on the road
  • Boost your plants and freeze zombies
  • New power-ups: Zombie Zapper, Gardening Glove and Mega-Perk, Dynamite

New Content — plus ongoing updates in a constantly expanding world:

  • Unearth 10 new zombies, 11 new plants and new human characters as you expand your town and explore 12 road trip maps
  • More features, plants, zombies and levels every month

Socially Oriented Design — fun social features with more interaction to come:

  • Send hordes of invasive zombies to your friends
  • Climb the leaderboard and see how your pile of zombies stacks up against your friends’

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