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Zombieland series dead again

After launching its pilot episode on Amazon’s streaming service about a month ago, it has been announced that the Zombieland series will not be moving forward. At least for now.

Writer and producer Rhett Reese took to Twitter last night to make the announcement and effectively blamed the fans of the movie (which he also wrote and produced). As you can see in the tweets below, Reese said the diehards had “successfully hated it out of existence.”

Reese also commented that he didn’t understand where the hate was coming from. Zombie Apocalypse Monthly readers might have been able to give him some clues.

“I think my biggest qualm is the change of actors,” Lance Johnson wrote. “I know it is unrealistic to have the real actors, but I think only Woody (Harrelson) can play Tallahassee appropriately.”

The question that remains is in the wording of Reese’s first tweet. Note that he wrote the show would not be going forward on Amazon. That doesn’t mean that another won’t pick it up. A number of shows have made the cut after a poorly received pilot, so there is a precedent for it.

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