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‘Ed-0: Zombie Uprising’ now available for pre-order

D3Publisher Inc. and LANCARSE Ltd., two prominent names in the Japanese gaming industry, have announced the much-anticipated full release of their latest title, Ed-0: Zombie Uprising. This zombie-filled survival rogue-like action game will be available for PlayStation®5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam on July 13, 2023. Pre-orders for the game are now open on all platforms.

Players who pre-order Ed-0: Zombie Uprising will be treated to a special bonus mini-quest called “Rounding up Thieves.” This additional content adds value to the game and enhances the overall gaming experience. The retail price for the game is set at $29.99 / €28.99.

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising initially entered Early Access on Steam in April 2022. During this period, the developers at LANCARSE Ltd. actively sought community feedback and worked diligently to improve the game based on player input. They have made significant enhancements to combat mechanics, difficulty levels, and introduced a new mid-game save option. Bug fixes and continuous adjustments to gameplay elements were also implemented. With the 1.0 launch, players can expect a range of new features, including blessings and charms, adaptive triggers for the PlayStation 5, and an EDO shader that allows players to toggle a unique “Ukiyoe” style filter. The game boasts an impressive amount of content, providing over 100 hours of gameplay.

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising transports players to a fictional Edo-era Japan, where hordes of ravenous zombies have invaded the isolated country. Each dungeon run in the game presents players with unique and challenging scenarios, incorporating a variety of random elements and dangerous foes. The importance of making wise decisions and exhibiting sound judgment cannot be overstated. The game introduces a range of undead enemies, including reinterpretations of traditional Japanese zombies and foreign invaders that emerged after the “Zombie Industrial Revolution.” As players progress and succeed, they will unlock more enemies, allowing for increased customization options and the ability to test their skills by raising the difficulty level.

Ed-0: Zombie Uprising offers a thrilling and strategic gameplay experience within a rogue-like format. Players can look forward to countless hours of immersive gameplay as they navigate treacherous battles and strive for survival in a world infested with zombies. With its unique setting, engaging mechanics, and robust content, this game is poised to captivate gamers seeking a fresh and challenging gaming experience.

Gamers and zombie enthusiasts alike eagerly await the release of Ed-0: Zombie Uprising on July 13, 2023.

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