Zombie films

The Top 10 Zombie Kills in cinema

By Dakota Cantwell

With mountains of Zombie movies being created, the ways to survive a zombie attack seems endless. Not all zombie kills are created equal, however, and many movies go to wild lengths to add to be remembered for their zombie kills. Below is a list of some of the greatest zombie kills in zombie pop culture. Whether subtle or over the top, they’ve earned their place in our memory. 

10. Ding Dong Dead – Zombieland (2009)

It would be unfair to make a list like this without referencing the source of Zombie Kill of the Week. Sometimes simplicity is the best and this scene shows this with its lack of over-the-top flair that this movie is known for. Ringing the doorbell and waiting for the answer, Tallahassee waits for his perfect opportunity to shoot the store’s current occupants. While this kill may not have won Zombie Kill of the Week, it definitely earned its place on this list. 

09. Boy Scout’s Big Dream – Scout’s Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse (2015)

With what could arguably be one of the best cold opens in Zombie history, much of the rest of the Scout’s Guide is a struggle at times. Still, finding its footing at the end, the movie finds what many of the Boy Scouts and groups like it dream they get to be one day. Framed by the Scorpions and rave lights, the trio leads off to some of the most grotesque and unique use-what-you-have kills.

08. Field Goal Baby – Cockneys vs Zombies (2012)

Sometimes learning the rules of zombies is hard. And sometimes, once you do learn the rules, you’re ready to overcorrect in the other direction. Mental Mickey finds himself in this situation when he learns the hard way that zombies require headshots to kill. Following this, he rescues what he assumes is an in-danger child by mercilessly headshotting the zombie mom pushing the child. When he learns that the child is also a zombie, he finds that punting the child is the only way in which to handle this situation. While missing the target on the board, Cockneys vs Zombies does not miss the humor with this kill.

07. Zombie Guess Who – Dawn of the Dead (2004)

When the dead walk the streets, there’s not much left in the world to bring happiness. Sometimes the best way you can find enjoyment is to make a game of killing the undead. A fun scene in the 2004 remake finds the group challenging a sniper across the street to identify the zombie they are looking for and subsequently headshot it. A source of contention to some of the survivors, this scene is a bonding moment wrapped up in gory head shots on the undead.

06. Light a Fatty and Smile – Resident Evil Extinction (2007)

When you find you’ve been bitten, it’s often best to use what little life you have left to help those running with you. Carlos finds himself in this situation, volunteering to drive the fuel truck with a stack of dynamite to clear out the horde blocking his group from their goal. Crashing his truck into the mass of zombies, Carlos discovers that L.J. had a secret stashed away. Lighting the dynamite and then the blunt, Carlos goes up in an explosion that would literally pave the way for his friends.

05. Smashing Clowns – Zombieland (2009)

The lovable and often useless Columbus finds himself at the point of breaking his own rules. Facing down two of his big fears, the zombie clown stands between him and the girl of his dreams. Finding his strength to nut up, Columbus runs to grab the High Striker hammer that he can barely lift. The scene finds another skull caved in with the bell ring replaced by the clown nose of the zombie he just bested.

04. Motor boating – Zombie Holocaust (1980)

Seeking refuge from the cannibalistic monsters of the island, Professor Monroe and Faye Daniels stumble upon a boat alone on the beach. While starting the motor on the back, an extremely dusty zombie wanders its way to them, leading to an iconic use-what-you-have moment. Professor Monroe grabs hold of the running boat motor and knocks the zombie to the ground before caving in the zombie’s forehead with the spinning blades.

03. Killer Queen Zombie – Shaun of the Dead (2004)

Having finally found safety in the Winchester, the gang is placed in danger again when Ed decides it’s time for a quick game of pin ball. What follows is the dance sequence of the century as the bars owner John is dispatched to Queen. Known for it’s quirky madness, ‘Shaun of the Dead’ delivers a shocking ending to both the jukebox and the now zombified John.

02. Lawn Party – Dead Alive (1992)

In what could possibly one of the bloodiest shoots in history with its approximately 80 gallons of fake bloods used to achieve the take. Braindead aka Dead Alive finds it’s place in the history of zombie films by using a lawnmower to mulch the undead across the cast. Much like the Evil Dead, braindead focuses on humor and over-the-top which gives it some of the best zombie kills out there.

01. Who’s in Charge – The Walking Dead (2011)

In the episode ‘Pretty Much Dead Already,’ the group finds themselves divided yet again as Shane fights for his right to be in charge. Leading to a game of ‘The House of the Dead’ on the easiest setting, the group all stand strong, unloading on the zombies pouring from the barn. That is, until they recognize one of the zombies. Simple and powerful, Rick steps and shows why he’s in charge by doing what no one else could do and ending Sophia’s afterlife. This scene, while not as flashy as many others on the list, proves why Rick is the GOAT.

In the constant barrage of zombie content, it can be difficult to stand out among the crowd. These 10 scenes, however, have earned their place in both history and our memories. Whether you’ve found something you’ve missed or watched them all, these scenes are all worth a rewatch.

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