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‘Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded’ announced as PSVR2 launch title

Sony has announced that “Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded” will be one of the launch titles for the upcoming PSVR2. The game is a virtual reality first-person shooter based on the hit 2009 film “Zombieland” and its 2019 sequel “Zombieland: Double Tap.”

“Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded” is a fast-paced, action-packed game that immerses players in the zombie-infested world of the films. Players take on the role of one of the four main characters from the films, Tallahassee, Columbus, Wichita, and Little Rock, as they battle their way through hordes of the undead using a variety of weapons.

The game features new levels, weapons, and enemies not seen in the previous version of the game, “Zombieland: Headshot Fever,” which was released for the original PSVR in 2019. It also supports the new PSVR2’s advanced haptic feedback, allowing players to feel the recoil of their weapons and the impact of their shots.

According to Sony, “Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded” will take advantage of the PSVR2’s improved graphics and resolution to deliver a more immersive and realistic gaming experience. The game also supports the PSVR2’s new hand tracking feature, allowing players to use their own hands to aim and shoot in-game.

The release date and pricing for “Zombieland: Headshot Fever Reloaded” and PSVR2 are yet to be announced. Fans of the films and VR enthusiasts alike are eagerly awaiting the chance to immerse themselves in the world of “Zombieland” and take on the zombie in an even more realistic and action-packed way.

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