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#Alive Movie Review

By Courtney Cole

#Alive is a Korean horror film that is brought to the screen of American viewers on Netflix. In its first week, the movie proved popular and was rated #5 most watched in the United States.

The movie starts out with a young man named Joo, who wakes up to his whole family gone. While getting breakfast he notices the television begins to turn into an emergency alert, announcing that a virus is spreading through people by biting or stabbing and turning them into basically zombies. He now has to fight his way to survive this major outbreak all by himself. 

While days are going by he notices that he falls deep into a starvation and depression and attempts suicide. While attempting he notices a red light pointing at him and multiple objects within his apartment. A girl by the name of Kim-Shin, who lives across the street in the other apartment buildings talked him out of actually going through with the idea. 

They begin to help each other with multiple needs that one may have and the other may not. After ten days of survival, Joo- Woo had run out of food which caused him to starve and after meeting the girl she would send him back food as all of this is going on they have to still be on their toes for the zombie apocalypse. 

During the movie the lighting was good throughout the entire movie and they had good graphics and put effort into the movie. Other than that the acting was not the best just because the translation for korean to english was very noticeable when the actors were talking so to fully comprehend everything, having on the subtitles would be the best when watching this movie. Also just everything was somewhat seen coming as in the viewer could actually predict what was about to happen. There was one part I would suggest in the movie that it actually had me on my toes and in shock in what was happening. 

Fast forwarding to the middle and end of the movie, it shows how the two young individuals are working together by trying to survive this zombie apocalypse. They plan to head on a mission to scavenge more food and this will be their very first encounter with each other. After fighting their way into a bloody elevator they finally get the chance to introduce themselves. 

Before getting attacked they meet another survivor, this a middle aged man who has a wife and a kid. While Kim-Shin is looking and asking about the kids he offers them food which is poisoned. Both of them fainting on the ground, it shows Kimbeing zip tied and put into another bedroom which holds his wife which got transformed into a zombie. The man’s intention was to feed Kim to his wife, who has not eaten for a few days. 

The two teens got away and fought their way on top of the roof so they could be rescued by a rescue team. They thought they were accomplished in the task due to the fact of the helicopters going in the opposite directions and the zombies are heading up the building to take their lives. As they realize it’s about to be their death and helicopter comes from behind them and starts to kill the zombie and take them to safety. The only reason they had found the two young individuals is due to the fact of them using social media. Joo’s main goal was to survive and do what he had done.  

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