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Dying Light Celebrates 6th Anniversary with Free Weekend on Steam, Zombie Hunt Event and Harran Tactical Unit Bundle

Techland is inviting players to celebrate the 6th anniversary of Dying Light with a limited-time in-game Zombie Hunt Event, where players must help survivors of Harran fend off a group of undead GRE operatives. During this weekend (Feb. 25 to March 1) PC users will have the opportunity to download the Dying Light Standard Edition via Steam and enjoy the game for free during this time period. In addition, Techland revealed a new Harran Tactical Unit Bundle available to purchase, featuring new weapons, shields and buggy skins. Both the Zombie Hunt Event and Harran Tactical Unit Bundle are available on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
The Free Weekend allows players to enjoy Dying Light Standard Edition for free from Thursday, at 19:00 (Central European Time) until Monday at 19:00 (CET). This offer is available only for PCs. The game can be downloaded via Steam service. If players decide to buy the game, the progress achieved during Free Weekend will be transferred to freshly purchased Dying Light.
During the 2-week Zombie Hunt event, the city of Harran will be terrorized by the undead GRE operatives whose bodies have become mutated and extra resilient due to a special “GREcipe” boost potion. As a result, Crane is tasked with rescuing the endangered survivors and retrieving extra supplies, with the player having the opportunity to receive in-game rewards – including a blueprint for their very own GREcipe potion – based on their success.
To get a first look at the hellacious state of Harran during the Dying Light Zombie Hunt Event, visit the following link.
The new Harran Tactical Unit Bundle is deployed to deal with high-risk situations and fight zombies in a special unit style. Not just in appearance, but with the right tools. Bundle contains the following items:

  • “Protector” Armor Skin, which boosts movement during night
  • “Guardian” Rifle with burst fire mode
  • “Dispatcher” Shotgun
  • “HyperArgument” Double-handed hammer with hyper-mode effect
  • “Four-Wheeler” Buggy skin with police light

The Harran Tactical Unit Bundle is available to purchase for for $2.99 on PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4

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