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New game will bring zombie to the Wild West

Say goodbye to the Wild West, and welcome to the Weird West! Here, only one rule applies, and it’s really very simple – shoot (fast and accurately) or get eaten. Yes, yes, that’s not what you’ve been promised indeed. “Go West,” they said. “It’ll be fun,” they said. “Adventure, fame, easy money, and beautiful women await,” they said. The problem is, instead of it all that, you ended up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, trying not to get eaten alive. So the only thing you can do now is try to survive in this weird post-apocalyptic world and help a gang of gunslingers not die like greenhorns. In short: shoot first, ask questions later, and maybe you’ll get the chance to get even with whoever advised you go on this cursed trip.

Gunslingers & Zombies is an action-adventure strategy game that’s hilariously mixing two beloved pop-culture themes: the Wild West and the undead. Become one of the triggermen facing the zombie apocalypse. Plan your tactics and bring them to life fighting turn-based duels. Enjoy the Wild West with a twist in a lightweight, post-apocalyptic scenario, where nothing is normal. Face a variety of themed undead – like the mighty Buffalo Zombie! Scavenge for supplies, ammo, food, and medicine. Use your lockpicking skills to get access to rare power-ups. Let those zombies taste your pistols, rifles, canons, or knives, and make sure they’ll regret the day they were… erhm… they went undead.


  • Enjoy a Weird, Zombie West – A light-hearted, post-apocalyptic scenario, where nothing is normal awaits.
  • Plan your tactics, and fight turn-based duels – Let’s yeeehaaw those undead!
  • Face zombies you’ve never seen before – Warning! You may never want to have buffalo wings again after your encounter with this green meat.
  • Use a variety of weapons – From pistols, through rifles, to canons, knives, and many more!
  • Scavenge for supplies – Resources will be limited, so make sure you have space for gathering ammo or medicine in your war strategy.
  • Make good use of rare items – The harder it is to get them, the more valuable they are, so make sure to practice your lockpicking skills.

Gunslingers & Zombies is being developed by Live Motion Games and will launch on Steam Early Access on January 15th, 2021. The game will be published by Gaming Factory.

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