Zombie physiology

Double tap: Make sure that zombie is down for good

By Jake Sepulveda

A Human being is capable of taking action and fighting back for approximately 10 full seconds even after receiving a fatal blow. While this amazing last-ditch effort wont be possible after major trauma to the brain, it can be done even after extreme trauma to the heart and lungs, among other major organs.

While 10 seconds might not seem like much it’s plenty of time to pop off a few shots from a firearm, deal a handful of blows with a melee weapon and even utter a dying curse or tackle an opponent to the ground… and that’s if you’re among the living.

Most of the undead and living dead are likely to withstand intense bodily trauma for much longer periods of time that their Human counterparts. Zombies, even of the slow-moving variety, could do a lot of damage to a lot of people in just 10 seconds time. All it takes is one bite… and it’s good luck and goodnight. Watch out for grasping hands, snapping jaws, flailing feet and monstrous howls from the undead, even after you’ve knocked them to the ground.

No matter who your Zombie opponent is or was, make sure they’re truly down before you turn your back on them… or you might be walking away with more than you bargained for.

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