Equipping for disaster

Be creative to make the most of your supplies

By Jake Sepulveda

If there’s a time and place to be creative with the supplies you have at your disposal, it’s during a survival situation like a Zombie outbreak or attack.

Thinking outside the box, so to speak, is your best chance for survival… especially when you’re running low on standard gear like a camp stove, paracord, or backpack. Take a look around you, wherever you are, and think critically about the things closest at hand. See how many creative survival uses you can come up with for everyday items and stow them away in the back of your mind. You never know when something as simple as an empty film canister might be key to saving your life.

Everything from shards of glass (cutting and arrow heads) and guitar strings (snare, lashing, survival saw) to the pages of a book (tinder, note paper, insulation), a pillowcase (backpack, head cover, bandages), etc. is useful for more than its intended use.

It’s truly rare that you’ll come across something that have no uses left in it… though it can happen on occasion. Just remember that things are often worth more than their face value, and you just might make it out alive.

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