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Eibon Press releases limited edition hardbound Fulci graphic novel

Eibon Press has made a name for itself by releasing grisly graphic novels including a series based on the classic Lucio Fulci film “Zombi 2.”

Just in time for Christmas the company is offering up something special for fans of the title: a hardbound collection of the first four issues. The move comes as a bit of surprise, however, as the company has previously avoided these types of packages.

“In the past we’ve resisted the idea of collections, of course,” said
Stephen Romano, one of Eibon Press’s founders. “Because we want you to own and cherish our single issues the same way people love their graphic novels.  It’s why we package each issue in special sleeves with spines, so you can stack them with your GNs on the bookshelf.”

Romano said those involved in the process put a lot of thought into the project to make sure it was more than special. The team wanted to produce what he called “the baddest, raddest, most collectible motherfucking collection on the market.”

The project was not a simple repackaging of old material. Romano explained that the team went back to the original art files and reworked the color finishing, lettering and other technical aspects to create all-new image files, from which all-new offset printing plates were struck.

“The results, kids, is THE definitive version of Lucio Fulci’s Zombie,” Romano said. “The entire story of the classic film in one long seamless comic book novel, designed to blow you right away.”

The book went on sale Dec. 14, but fans shouldn’t wait long to order a copy. Romano noted that book is limited edition and only 500 copies were printed. Each copy has a full color case wrap on the hard-cover itself and a removable dust jacket featuring Mike Broom’s original cover art for issue #1. 

“At only 500 printed, this is the most limited and collectible item in Eibon History, as well as the most requested,” Romano said.  

Each copy comes sealed in shrink wrap and stickered in a jet-black collector’s slipcover with the iconic Eibon Press ZOMBIE logo on the front Plus you get a certificate of authenticity brochure, and a set of 4 collector’s bookmarks. 

“Also, I penned an all-new afterword for the collection, and we’ve even restored some pages to the book which were left out of the original serialized version,” Romano said. “Believe me, it’s a thing of aching, absolute beauty!”

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