zombie music

Five great zombie-themed songs

By Megan Lewis

Zombies are everywhere. They are on our TV, our movie screens, and now they have successfully invaded our radios. We all have at one point put together a CD or playlist of the music we plan to blast while mowing down the herds of zombies. The songs listed below are strictly about zombies or centered around a particular zombie, so don’t get upset if you don’t see Bodies or Down with A Sickness. As cool as they are they aren’t directed at zombies in general.
5. If I were A Zombie- Stephanie Malbey

A fun, upbeat song about a female zombie that falls in love with a survivor. The whole song is about their love story from when they met to when he turns. It’s adorable and great little song for the kiddies.
4. Do You Want to kill a Zombie- Frozen Parody

This is a parody song is based on the Frozen hit Do You Want to Build A Snowman. It’s about Anna trying to get her sister out of her room to join her in killing zombies.

3. Zombies and they’re Eating Brains- WhatTravisSays

Another fun parody song that was done to Party in the USA. This is about a college student heading to class when he is confronted about zombies at every turn. He may not be the best singer, but still an enjoyable song nonetheless.

2. Living Dead Girl- Rob Zombie

This is a zombie-themed classic song. Just about everyone who loves zombies has heard this hit song at least once before reading this article. This song needs no description because you already know it.

1. Zombies, March! – GWAR

There’s a name you haven’t heard since the 90s. Yes, GWAR is still making music and touring in 2018. This song though was release in 2010 on their album, Bloody Pit of Horror. The song is about zombies and all the mayhem they cause.

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