Equipping for disaster

Don’t blow your cover: Use your radio wisely

By Jake Sepulveda

Two-way Radios, HAM Radios and CBs are great for keeping in contact with fellow survivors and outside sources and battery operated or crank operated radios are great for getting up-to-date information. However, the sound of incoming messages and radio squelch/static can quickly give away your position…and that’s not always something you want when you’re trying to lay low.

Whether you’re dealing with bandits, Zombies, or wild animals, sometimes staying hidden is your best bet for survival. When using radios and similar devices, keep the volume low and/or use an earpiece when possible…especially while out scavenging or working your way through a dangerous or heavily infested area.

If you find yourself always on the move a headset and healthy awareness of the volume will help, but if you plan on staying once place for any real length of time, you might want to build a quiet room.

Quiet rooms can be constructed just about anywhere, but basements, closets, and small centralized rooms work best. The key to a quiet room is to dampen the sound to reduce its echo and escape into prying ears. You can use anything from old mattresses to layered blankets on the wall…just make sure you get full coverage or it wont be worth the effort.Best of luck out there, and remember…keep it down at all costs.

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