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Five characters who could replace Rick Grimes

By M.L. Lewis

Rick’s death is going to be one of the most tragic scenes on The Walking Dead. The information is still shady as to how and when the death will take place. All we know is there will be tears.

Those who have followed the show since the beginning have grown to love Rick and he will leave behind big shoes that will need to be filled by a character just as strong as, if not superior to, him. But who?
5. Daryl Dixon
Once Rick dies Daryl will become the only surviving male member from the Atlanta team, and one of the longest surviving overall characters. This fact would play a prominent role in him becoming the next leader.

This would also be perfect timing for him since his character has gotten stale and is in serious need of a storyline boost. But, Daryl isn’t so loved anymore. With the recent heat he has gotten for Glenn and Abraham’s deaths, fans have grown tired of his punch-first-think-later attitude.

4. Michonne
Strong female leads are all the rage in Hollywood these days! So it would be no surprise if they choose Michonne to fill Rick’s shoes. Michonne would be the perfect choice though because of her tough, no-nonsense attitude. She helped make Rick a better leader with her encouragement and motivation.

The only problem with making her the leader of the show is the fact that Danai Gurira is hot. She is a very talented actress and is becoming a household name since her appearance in summer blockbuster Black Panther. If she becomes on-screen gold chances are she’ll leave the show for bigger and better film and TV roles.
3. Jesus
Jesus has become quite the integrated character since his appearance in season seven. He knows the playing fields between the groups quite well having worked with each one individually as a supply runner.

He earned Maggie’s trust and is her right-hand man. So, it only makes sense that when Maggie dies he would take over Hilltop. But, as an overall leader, I don’t think he would do well given that he’s been known to play characters against each other and manipulating the situation to fit his needs.

2. King Ezekiel
Long live the king! With Rick and Maggie gone King Ezekiel would be the only surviving leader among the groups. The King has a refreshing upbeat approach to certain things and has a looser way of ruling his kingdom then Rick.

Ezekiel is kindhearted, but a tough fighter if you hurt his people. He has a more open-door approach to things then Rick and if he were to take over he would lessen then screen process for new members.  Unfortunately, he is too new to the show for us so we don’t fully understand the dynamics of this character.
1. Nobody
Nobody could replace the Ricktator. His strong and good leadership skills carried the group through a lot of good and bad times. We have followed Rick since the day he got shot and grown custom to his face in almost every episode. To us he was the main character of the show and losing him is going to cause an extreme blow to the show.

RIP Rick Grimes

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