Zombie television

Top 5 Zombie Television Shows

By Chris Post

It’s a pretty awesome world we live in when we can rank the top five zombie shows. For the purposes of this list, we’re only looking at the shows currently being broadcast in the United States, so we’ll not be including BBC shows like In the Flesh or Dead Set (which were both very good.)

5 – The Walking Dead

I Know what you’re thinking. How could we put the best zombie show ever at the bottom of the list? The problem is it’s not. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good show, with great zombie effects. But it has become repetitious in the extreme. Group finds a safe spot, safe spot blows up, repeat. Here’s to hoping season 9 takes things in a different direction.

4 – iZombie

The CW’s iZombie is a fun show with likable characters and some interesting things going on with the plot this season. But, due to the nature of the zombie infection in its universe, it’s more of a police procedural than a zombie show. Let’s face it, being a zombie is more of a super-power than a curse. No wonder Major has gone back and forth so many times.

3 – Santa Clarita Diet

This is another comedy, but unlike iZombie, Santa Clarita Diet gives fans a good dose of the gore. This show is smartly written and the acting is fantastic (Timothy Olyphant needs an award for his work here.) The main complaint is that as a Netflix show, the season is just too short. We need more episodes to really explore what’s going on. At least Netflix has confirmed a third season is on the way.

2 – Z Nation

SyFy’s entry into the zombie drama has been all over the place: comedy, action, thriller, you name it. However, in the last two seasons it has gotten away from the goofy and settled into a very satisfying viewing experience. It’s zombies may not have the full blown gore effects of the Walking Dead, but they are not lacking in the creativity department. With its apocalypse after the apocalypse cliffhanger to end last season, we can’t wait to see where season 5 takes us.


1 – Fear The Walking Dead

When Fear the Walking Dead premiered, it was a poor imitation of the show from which it sprang. The cast was too large and many of the character were either not very interesting or just generally unlikable. To be honest, I was surprised when the show was renewed for a second season. Things got better as season 2 went along and by season 3, the show had come into its own. With season 4 currently being broadcast, we have new characters mixed with familiar faces, dynamic storylines and an air of mystery that makes us wait anxiously for each new episode.

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