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Good Dog, Bad Zombie now on Kickstarter

Good Dog, Bad Zombie is a cooperative game where you play as a pack of dogs rescuing hoomans from the zombie apocalypse. Think Homeward Bound meets The Walking Dead. It’s a game for people that love dogs and prefer not to be eaten alive by zombies. Players will have to bark, lick, and sniff their way through a crumbling city in order to save the hoomans they love.

Good Dog, Bad Zombie is a game by Brian Van Slyke and Evan Rowland, as a part of Photo-Feb-12-4-37-55-PM-1-800x450Make Big Things, a game design cooperative. This is the fifth game to be published by Make Big Things. Good Dog, Bad Zombie will also be printed in the United States on sustainable materials and by a worker-owned and unionized manufacturer. This makes Good Dog, Bad Zombie one of the most ethically produced board games ever. In addition, this campaign will benefit real life dogs. Make Big Things has partnered with the One Tail at a Time rescue shelter in Chicago, and through various backer rewards, Make Big Things will be purchasing items off of the shelter’s wishlist to get into the paws and mouths of dogs in need.

About the Game:

The zombies have taken over the city, and you and your doggo friends have found refuge in Central Bark. But you realize something is missing… it’s those scratches behind your ears… those enthusiastic belly rubs… the sound of a hooman calling you a “good dog”… So it’s time to brave the apocalypse and search the city for any hooman survivors, bring them back to Central Bark, and build a place you can call your forever home.

2b9e4d26529c907d9902fba4f95e02a7_original2 – 4 players take on the role of doggo characters with different powers, such as Lupin (snuggle), Waine (be grumpy), Captain Woofster (hunt), and Miss Fuzzy Ears (protect). By putting their nose to the ground and tail to the sky, players will sniff out the scared hoomans that are hiding throughout the ruined metropolis. Players win if they rescue six hoomans by bringing them back to Central Bark. However, each time the zombies eat a hooman or get into Central Bark, players will have to move the Feral Tracker forward. If the Feral Track ever reaches 10, players forget what it means to feel the love of a hooman and return to the ways of their wolf ancestors. Only by cooperatively howling, barking, and herding can players save enough hoomans to win the game.

Good Dog, Bad Zombie is a game that oozes charm from the storyline to the gameplay and the artwork. Players will find themselves saying sentences like, “I lick myself!” and “I’m going to bark that zombie off the cliff!” And with five different difficulty set-ups, it’s a game that’s perfect for young pups and experienced hounds alike, that you’ll want to play over and over.

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