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First content update coming for Dead Age

dead age 1An update with new content for the world of Dead Age will be available on July 28. Here is a sneak peak of what will await you:

– “Hardcore Mode” for veterans of the game. The hardcore mode can be selected optionally when starting a new game. Enemies will become stronger; you should use your upgrades wisely, as you will fail more often. Better start digging the graves for your companions, or even your own one…

– The new survivor James brings a depressing future to the camp. Will you be able to help dead age 2.jpghim survive the horror?

– Bill has a new quest for you. Of course it´s all about his favorite topic: food

– The merchant gets a new quest. But it will only be of use for you if he still likes you.

– What happens if Jennifer would be in the camp from the very beginning? Find out more about her in the new storyline.

dead age 3Headup Games released the new singleplayer survival RPG Dead Age on July 14 for Early Access on Steam. It’s developed by indie studio  Silent Dreams, which already established itself with the Grotesque Tactics series.

The player finds him/herself as a lone survivor in the middle of a devastating zombie apocalypse, which countless people already fell victim to. To survive the daily hazards of this godforsaken world on the search for his sister he allies with a small group of other survivors who have to fight for their lives day for day.

dead age 4During the game’s progress, the players get in charge of the management of the protecting camp and accepts a variety of objectives. For example, to counter the ever growing zombie pest, you will have to craft your own weapons, molotov cocktails, traps and more. In addition, the retrieval for kinsmen, acquisition of the scarce resources, and the protection against zombie attacks and threats by other survivors has to be done on a daily basis.

While doing so the player gets dragged into the incidents of this dark world and influences the progress of the non-linear story by his own decisions and the successful completion of certain objectives.

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