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Z Nation issues casting call in Spokane

Season 3 of the SyFy series Z-Nation will begin filming soon in the Spokane area and the show is in search of zombies!

Auditions for zombie work will be held on March 12, 2016. Those interested in taking part should note there are some requirements. You

1.) Must audition on March 12, 2016

2.) Must be 18 or older

3.) Must be a Washington resident

4.) Must be registered with one of the two area talent agencies (Big Fish NW Talent or Flannel Background)

A post on the Z Nation Auditions Facebook page explains that the talent agency registration requirement is for logistical reasons.

“We hire over 1000 people locally to be background (not just zombies – but mostly – over the course of the season. Our schedule is extremely fast paced and stressful.

Imagine you are the extras casting director and your producer tells you you need 20 zombies for Friday (today is Monday) but that needs to include:
10 fast zombies who look like they could be military
2 people who look like teenagers but are over 18
4 people who are willing to be in the water
4 people who will just be dead on the floor and could be any age and any type.

You have a database with about 1200 people in it and you have to find the right people, see if they are available, AND book them within the next 4 hours because wardrobe needs their sizes to create the looks. BUT you are on set that day, and have responsibilities to attend to there?

This is a typical scenario… but even a bit crazier. We couldn’t cast this show without talent agencies. The extras casting director will send the breakdown (list of folks they need to find) to the agencies, they will do the preliminary search through their talent who fit the parameters and send their list to the casting director. The casting director will make their selections and it is back in the agent’s hands to check availability and give the talent all of the pertinent information about time, location and expectations on set.”


According to the post, registration is free and takes about 15 minutes to complete.



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