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Undead invade asylum in Zombie Night Shift

How long can you survive a zombie apocalypse at the asylum?

‘Zombie Night Shift’ is a FREE spin-off game from ‘Asylum Night Shift’! Survive as long as you can during one endless night of horror at the asylum. The longer you survive, the more points you will score. Can you beat your own highest score – or your friends highest scores?

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‘Zombie Night Shift’ brings a whole new depth of gameplay to the survival night shift game – including:

* An interactive map console where you can open and close doors around the asylum. Use the doors to prevent the zombie’s reaching you!
* Zombie tracker devices which allow you to monitor the zombie’s movements on your map console.

* Security cameras where you can watch the zombie’s walking around the asylum.

* A warning alarm in your office which will alert you when a zombie is approaching (if it is working!).

* A faulty office security door… use it wisely, and only when you really need to!

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