Zombie politics

McGowan uses sexist comments to decry sexism

By Chris Post

2007_grindhouse_pt_0111For those of you who don’t follow celebrity news, everyone’s favorite go-go dancer with a machine gun leg has been making headlines for her critique of sexism in Hollywood.

Rose McGowan, who famously played Cherry Darling in the sorta-zombie movie Grindhouse back in 2007, took to social media to blast a casting call for an unnamed Adam Sandler project. The note basically reminded her to read the script and wear a tank top that showed off her cleavage. The points she made in the post and subsequent interviews were all valid and it wasn’t hard to see the point she was making.

Things took an interesting turn the next day, however. Apparently her comments were too hot to handle for her agent who dropped her from his list of clients. McGowan once again took to social media with the following tweet:


What makes the tweet so interesting is McGowan’s choice of words. Wussy is a relatively new word in the English language, dating back to the 1980s when it was used in the film Fast Times at Ridgemont High to describe someone who was “part wimp, part pussy.” Of course, calling a man a pussy implies that he is cowardly, weak or otherwise effeminate. The sting of the insult comes from the sexist belief that behaving as a woman is inferior to acting like a man. Furthermore, McGowan uses the hashtag douchebag, another pejorative that derives its scorn from the belief that the female is somehow gross and inferior.

It could very well be that McGowan was using the terms to be ironic, but without an explanation it’s impossible to say.

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