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Walking Dead Season 6 artwork revealed

By Chris Post

While gearing up for the summer release of Fear the Walking Dead, AMC is hard at work filming season six of the original series. This week, the network has released the first promotional art for the upcoming season, which is set to start in October.


The image makes it clear that there will be a division in the Alexandria safe area this fall. What’s interesting is which side of things Morgan is placed on.

When fans saw Morgan following the clues toward Rick and group, they were excited at the possibility that the two could join forces. However, the promo artwork gives an impression that they might be at odds in the upcoming season.

The two men have a complicated relationship. Morgan having saved Rick in season one before trying to kill him in season three. At that time, in the episode “Clear,” Morgan was at a low point, reeling from the death of his son who had been killed by his zombie wife. From what we saw in season five, Morgan had made peace with his past and was moving on with his life.

Unfortunately, at the moment he caught up with Rick, the lawman was in the midst of a low point of his own. Blood splattered and carrying out an execution, Rick looked liked a mad man.

Will the two be able to reconcile or will season six be Rick vs Morgan?

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