Zombie television

SyFy’s ‘Z Nation’ Casts Resident Evil Voice Actor

D.C. Douglas will be guest starring on an upcoming season 2 episode of SyFy’s hit zombie show, “Z Nation.” Douglas is known worldwide to fans of the “Resident Evil” video game franchise as the voice of Albert Wesker, the zombie-themed games’ antagonist.

press_release_distribution_0408246_91299_1“While the character I voiced in the games had a special relationship to zombies,” says Douglas, “this ‘Z Nation’ character just plain hates them.” Douglas adds, “It’s actually an unusual role for me to get cast in so I’m excited to play him. I also think that Wesker fans will be tickled, too.” Douglas flies up to the “Z Nation” location in Spokane, Washington, this week to shoot his episode.

The popularity of “Resident Evil,” along with his dozens of other video game credits, has Douglas making personal appearances at anime, video game and comic cons all around the US and UK. Upcoming appearances include Anime Midwest, ConnectiCon and Dragon Con.

Douglas also has been tapped as one of the leads in a zombie/action feature film slated for production later this summer, but all details are under wraps for now.

When asked if he will reprise his role as Albert Wesker in the soon to be announced “Resident Evil 7,” Douglas responded, “Sorry. No one has called my agent… Yet?” Douglas last reprised his role as Albert Wesker in “Resdient Evil: Revelations 2” which was released in March of this year.

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