Marilyn Monroe to take turn as zombie hunter in upcoming film

By Chris Post

As the zombie film genre continues to evolve and develop various subgenres, alternate history an area that is being explored. We’ve already seen Abraham Lincoln get the zombie hunter treatment (in a film that also featured a young Teddy Roosevelt) and now Thomas J. Churchill is preparing to bring us “Marilyn Monroe: Zombie Hunter.”

Churchill is coming off a successful showing of “Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead” at the New Your City International Film Festival marilyn-monroe-zombie-hunter-1where that project won awards for Best Horror Film and Best Make-Up. Churchill, who serves as writer, producer and director, is teaming up with his producing partner David M. Parks for the new project.

Marilyn Monroe: Zombie Hunter will be directed by Churchill from a script he is writing with horror author Joe Knetter and will star model, actress, and scream queen Sarah French as the iconic blonde bombshell turned zombie slayer. Parks will produce. 
Principal photography is slated to take place in Hollywood, California, in late 2014 under the Church Hill Productions/Apothecary Entertainment banner.

After writing Lazarus: Day of the Living Dead, which will have its worldwide VOD release September 9th (DVD/Blu-ray release December 9th), Churchill stated that his inspiration for Marilyn Monroe: Zombie Hunter was “the concept of this incredible Hollywood icon as a cool samurai sword-wielding, kick-ass assassin summoned by our President to be humanity’s last hope against zombie domination.”

“[It] just toyed with me, and I needed to get it out of my head, onto paper, and on the screen. The film is going to be a straight-up horror-thriller with no room for cheese,” he said. “Horror and Marilyn fans will be proud of the vision I have in store.”

Churchill went on to say the film will be “very much an old-school summer event movie… Kill Bill meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They will be very surprised and very pleased with the story we are planning to tell.”

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