Equipping for disaster

No Place is Safe, Only Safer


Zombie Safe house With the threat of Zombies, bandits, rogue survivors, wild animals, unsanitary living conditions and who know what else lurking in the world after a Zombie outbreak, viral pandemic or other major disaster situation; you’ll find that no place is truly safe, only safer.

While securing a location and preparing it for long-term habitation is important for continued survival, not to mention peace of mind, becoming stagnant or complacent in your surroundings and taking what you have for granted can quickly lead to misadventures and even death.

Sometimes things just don’t work out and the undead get through the fence, the water goes bad, the food wont grow, or the building simply crumbles and it’s time to go. No matter where you are or where you take up residence after a disaster, be it your home, an office building, an old train station, or even an underground bunker, always be prepared…

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