Zombie films

Aparently everyone is nice in Canada

eatingprivatebryanThere is a popular perception that Canada is a country entirely populated by non-threatening and affable people. According to a  new advertisement for the Toronto Film Fest, even the country’s zombies are friendly.

The spot features “Antoine Zombé,” a zombie whose dream of becoming an actor was initially hampered by his inborn politeness.  Even when auditioning for parts in zombie movies, the hapless Antoine is passed over. “Less polite Canadian, more zombie!” he’s told.

Digging deep, he taps into his inner-zombieness and goes on to a stellar career in such films as “Rest in Pieces,” “Raging Zombie” and “Eating Private Bryan.”

Client: Canadian Film Fest
Agency: JWT Canada
Chief Creative and Integration Officer: Brent Choi
Senior Vice President, Creative Director: Ryan Spelliscy
Executive Creative Director: Jim Wortley
Associate Creative Director: Colin Winn
Producer: Shelby Spigelman
Production Company: Spy Films
Director, Cameraman: Jonathan Bensimon
Executive Producers: Stephanie Walker-Wells, Marni Luftspring, Carlo Trulli
Line Producer: Jason Aita
Editing: Married to Giants
Editor: Graham Chisholm
Postproduction: Tricia Hargoiles, Steve McGregor of Alter Ego
Music: Tom Westin, Dave Sorbrara of Grayson Matthews
Talent: Ian Matthews as Antoine Zombé

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