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New apocalypse game takes the zombie’s perspective

Necromancer is a tactical reverse zombie apocalypse game, where you command your zombie hordes to victory over the impudent survivors.

zombie mob!

“You are the Necromancer, an undead entity who is trying to start the zombie apocalypse and you must defeat the elite battle-hardened groups of heroes who are trying to stop you,” explained Carl Benjamin, director at Other Worlds Software. “All you have to prevent this is an array of spells and wave after wave of your own mindless undead minions – but will it be enough?”

Necromancer has been in development for approximately three months by Other Worlds Software (http://www.otherworlds.co.uk).

“It’s our first title that we are preparing for commercial release,” Benjamin said. “The game was inspired by the innumerable zombie apocalypse flicks and games where the heroes survive. We were wondering what a zombie apocalypse game would look like from the point of view of the zombies!”

FeaturesCover art 3 - The Necromancer

* Real-time isometric tactical mobile gaming on Android and PC

* Single-player and Co-operative multiplayer modes for up to 3 players

* Choose how to increase your necromantic powers as you progress through the game

* Command different types of zombies, each with unique strengths and weaknesses

* Defeat survivors with obnoxious and amusing personalities and fighting styles, who gain experience as they kill zombies

* Cast a variety of spells that help your minions or hinder your enemies

* Fight across 50 levels in 5 different environments

* Rating system that challenges players to gain trophies and unlock bonus stages

* No DRM or microtransactions at all!

* No internet connection required after installation for single-player or LAN multiplayer

The game is scheduled for release on May 1 for Android tablets and PC. The planned price is £2.99, or about $5.

With the game’s release date approaching, the development team has launched a Kickstarter campaign ( https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/80652106/necromancer )to help bring things to a close.

“The software license costs are prohibitive and in our current position we cannot afford them,” Benjamin said. “We also need work by musicians and voice actors and need to purchase the assets required to expand the set of environments from the 30 levels we currently have to the 50 levels we would like to produce to increase the length of the game.”


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