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Inlogic Software returns with Zombie Chase 2

zombiechase2_screen_480x800_5Slovakian game studio Inlogic Software has returned to the zombie genre with a sequel to their Zombie Chase title.

According to a release from the studio, endless fun with lots of weapons and other improvements is awaiting you. Players will be struggling their way through individual levels and there are different tasks for them apart from the destruction of enemies.

Activities include bodyguarding, protecting wagons, destroying buildings, or surviving attacks by the hordes of zombies. In order not to end up in a mortuary, players use first-aid kits, ammunition, pouches, and the help of an armed companion or an escort with a wagon. The game features several types of zombies: weaker, stronger, slow and extraordinarily fast.


· JAVA and ANDROID supported

· 9 types of weapons

· 3 improvements of each weapon

· Different types of zombies

· Alternation of day and night

· Balanced difficulty

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