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Review: Resident Zombies

By Chase Burgess

Resident Zombies is a 2D side-scroller created by Mountain Lion Studios and Zendroid. Released in December, Resident Zombie tires to add something new to the zombie-game genre.

You take the role of a survivor trying to rid his homeland of zombies. While you blast your way through the 30 levels, you will be collecting coins and money to purchase new guns and upgrades for those guns along with upgrades for your character.

Not much stands out about this game, other than the graphic-novel style graphics, which are ascetically pleasing. One interesting aspect about the game that sets it apart from other side-scrollers is the parkour aspect. Instead of putting you on the ground the whole time, you play on an elevated level that requires you to time your jumps perfectly while you battle the living-dead. If you do not time a jump correctly, you could find yourself falling onto an explosive barrel or a spike pit, or even off a ledge killing you, which would result in you starting over back at the beginning of the level. However, don’t expect any Assassins Creed style parkour moves with this game.

The difficulty curve can be too much at times. As with any mobile game these days, there are a number of in-game purchases you can make to upgrade your character and your weapons faster. Resident Zombie passive aggressively urges you to make these purchases with a steep difficulty curve. To upgrade your weapons and stats without actually having to spend any of your real money you will find yourself playing through the same level dozens of times over to acquire the necessary amount of in-game money to buy the upgrade.

Resident Zombies isn’t good, but it’s not bad, it’s just very average. The parkour aspect of the game adds a little innovativeness and will keep you busy for a few hours. Resident Zombies is available for download for free on the Google Play store. Resident Zombies gets a 3/5.

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