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Deadlings are coming!

In Deadlings, players guide Death’s legion of zombie minions through mazes, puzzles, and death-defying traps, training them for his eventual conquest of the world. Wait, scratch that, training them for the excellent zombie parties he is planning to throw with all of his new friends. Definitely not zombie-based world conquest.

As his army of Deadlings grows, the mazes of Death’s laboratory become deadlier and more difficult, while new zombies like the Bonesack, the Creep, the Lazybrain, and the Stencher provide new ways to pass the tricks, traps, and puzzles. Deadlings provides over 100 levels of zombie-filled mazes for those who wish to assist Death in total domin…excellent zombie tea parties.

Deadlings will be available soon for Windows Phone, the Windows 8 App Store, iOS, and Android.

For more information on Deadlings visit:  https://www.facebook.com/Deadlings?ref=hl

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